Everybody plays the fool…

I’ve had some of my most wonderful clients beat themselves up because they had inadvertently or perhaps intentionally clicked on a link or document that contained some form of malicious activity.

Although, I haven’t said this to any of them, my mind goes back to a song produced by The Main Ingredient, it was released back in 1972 and the cut is entitled, ‘Everybody Plays The Fool.’ The lyrics go on to say, ‘there’s no exceptions to the rule…’. Admittedly, We’ve all had our run-in’s with some Internet based threat somewhere in our technology histories. I remember one of my earliest run was with a piece of ransomware that locked my computers files. Fortunately, there was nothing important on the machine, so I was able to wipe it and start over.

What’s most important here is that we learn from our mistakes…and evolve. As

How many companies have had a network assessment done by an internal or external technology department?

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